Flex Green Lighting and Energy is an Indiana-based company doing business nationally, but with a special focus on the Midwest for over 12 years.  Flex Green is affiliated with FlexPAC, a  35-year old locally owned facilities packaging and solutions company.

Flex Green offers lighting and energy audits, photometric engineered lighting layouts and savings analysis with various solutions.

Flex Green has a unique approach to providing solutions directly to end-user clients, as well as, electrical/mechanical contractors. Flex Green is a factory direct manufacturer rep firm with many of our lines carrying 10-Year warranties on products with well over a 100,000Hr/L70 rated life.

Flex Green provides clients with options and educates them on the various benefits for each solution proposed for their facility. We then provide products to the client at Manufacturer direct prices.  This ensures the client gets the highest quality products, from USA Based companies, at the very best cost.

Flex Green also investigates and manages all documentation for utility company rebates and incentives applicable in the customer’s area.

Flex Green utilizes this same approach in offering HVAC solutions directly from the nation’s leading HVAC manufacturers. This allows the client to get engineered solutions from global manufacturers, priced direct to the client.  The client then gets labor/installation quotes from local mechanical contractors to compare and ensure best pricing.

In addition, Flex Green offers Solar design solutions and Power Factor correction.  We are always eager to share our impressive reference list.